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How spray foam insulation can protect buildings that have a complex design.

Some homes still rely on an old, fiberglass batt insulation that's made from spun glass fibers. But if you're looking for a star player on the insulation team, a standout with qualities that other types of insulation can't touch, it's got to be spray foam insulation. More specifically, we're talking about closed-cell polyurethane spray foam insulation.

As your local insulation contractors, Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland can increase your home's comfort, optimize your home's energy efficiency, and decrease your utility bills with spray foam insulation in Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, and nearby in Maryland.

Unique advantages of spray foam insulation

R-value: Poly spray foam insulation has a higher R-value per inch than any other commonly used insulation — R-6.2 or higher.

Airtight barrier: Spray foam is often spot-applied as an air-sealing treatment prior to filling an attic with blow-in insulation. But given spray foam insulation's ability to expand and fill gaps, when applied in more generous amounts it can provide an ideal air-sealing solution.

Stays put: Since spray foam insulation has super-adhesive qualities, it stays in place longer.

Waterproof: Moisture will soak through fiberglass and cellulose insulation, but polyurethane spray foam blocks this. Its closed cell structure means that water can't migrate from one tiny cell or bubble to a neighboring one.

Foolproof: Did you know that an insulation void of just 5% can diminish overall performance by as much as 50%? It's very difficult to install fiberglass insulation perfectly, so voids are not unusual. But spray foam's expanding, super-sticky characteristics eliminate the possibility of voids. And once the foam cures, it's not going to settle or shift.

Two basic types of spray foam insulation

Benefits of spray foam:

  • Stops treated air from escaping from your home
  • Air-seals insulated areas without extra steps
  • Won't settle or sag, ensuring continual performance
  • Closed-cell spray foam is waterproof
  • Easily fills hard-to-reach or irregular areas

1-part foam: This single-component foam is super-sticky and expands at different rates immediately after application. Since it seals gaps and insulates, this product is often referred to as an "insulating foam sealant."

2-part foam: To insulate an entire basement or attic with spray foam, contractors use a 2-part polyurethane foam that comes in a pair of pressurized metal containers. When both components are mixed together at the nozzle, a foaming chemical reaction takes place that causes the material to expand.

Spray foam should be applied by a professional

Spray foam insulation installation in Davidsonville, Maryland

A versatile energy-saver. 2-part spray foam insulation expands after it's applied, creating an effective thermal and moisture barrier. Thanks to its unique properties, it can be used to solve comfort and energy problems.

Tricky Application: It takes experience to apply spray foam insulation, especially two-part foams. Given their different expansion rates and other qualities, applying the foam could prove difficult for those without expertise.

Oftentimes, contractors can waste spray foam or create a mess — but our fully trained specialists know how to get the job done right the first time!

Temperature sensitive: Cold temperatures affect the foaming action. It's critical to keep spray foam cans or two-part foam canisters within a specific temperature for a successful application.

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