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Spray Foam & Rigid Foam Insulation in Greater Annapolis

Is spray foam or rigid foam insulation right for your Maryland home?

Spray Foam Insulation Installed In Glen Burnie

Two-part spray foam insulation provides excellent air sealing and is often sprayed against open framing.

Today homeowners, contractors, and building scientists spend a lot of time talking about spray foam insulation. This popular product comes in many forms, so let's consider the differences between spray foam insulation and rigid foam insulation.

Both spray foam insulation and rigid foam insulation are useful for improving home energy performance. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether spray foam or rigid foam is best.

Insulation is essential for energy efficiency and nobody knows insulation better than Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland. Call 1-833-483-5965 or click below to schedule a free spray foam insulation or rigid foam insulation estimate in Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, and nearby in Maryland today.

The difference between spray foam & rigid foam insulation

  • Spray Foam Insulation

    Spray Foam Insulation Contractors in Maryland

    Two-component spray foam insulation from Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland provides both an efficient insulating barrier that air seals the space. The foam effectively expands to completely fill gaps and cracks, creating an airtight seal.

    Advantages of spray foam insulation include:

    • Expands to provide an efficient insulating barrier that completely seals the space.
    • High R-value — about R-7 per in. depending on the formulation.
    • A spray foam insulation installation can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to cut, fit, & seal rigid board insulation.
    • Once cured, spray foam insulation stays in place, so it won't shift, settle, or fall out of place.

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  • Rigid Foam insulation

    Rigid Foam Insulation Installation in Annapolis & nearby

    As long as the seams between foam panels are sealed, rigid foam insulation provides an efficient insulating barrier that tightly air seals the space.

    Advantages of rigid foam insulation include:

    • Provides both insulation & air sealing
    • Less messy than spray foam.
    • Different thicknesses are available to suit different application & R-value requirements.
    • Panels are easy to cut & can be installed in any temperature.
    • Safe to handle, since no harmful emissions are released during installation.
    • Best installation for insulating crawl space & basement walls.
    • Some rigid foam panels (like SilverGlo™) include a radiant barrier for additional energy savings.

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Start saving energy & money with an insulation upgrade

Whether you choose spray foam insulation or rigid foam insulation, contact the experts who can effectively air seal your home to maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

We can also identify other major areas in your home that are depleting energy. Our home energy audit is a wonderful resource for prioritizing your home's energy upgrades and repairs.

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