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Trusted Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation Experts Serving Rockville, MD

Happy Customers Surrounding Rockville, MD
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Home insulation in Rockville, MD

Have you been paying too much on energy bills? Does your home feel drafty and uncomfortable? Insufficient home insulation can lead to cold floors, drafty rooms, and cracking or blistering walls and paint, along with the added cost of HVAC systems that are always running or constantly turning on and off. If you need to upgrade your home's insulation, Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland is your trusted contractor for all of your insulation needs. We offer high-quality insulation services including spray foam, air duct sealing, rigid foam, and more, and will guarantee an improved home energy performance that will keep your home comfortable through any season!

Our certified insulation services include:

  • Attic insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Garage insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • And more!

At Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland, we prioritize our customers' satisfaction and will put your needs and comfort first. If your home is having energy issues we will help you find the best solution to save on energy costs, from blown-in cellulose and blown-in fiberglass to radiant barrier installation and air leak sealing. Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland will take your entire home into the evaluation with our specialized whole-house energy model, and ensure maximum energy efficiency that will fit your needs and budget.

Spray foam insulation & air sealing contractors

Fiberglass insulation provides a weak barrier that becomes depleted over time. If you see hanging, moisture-filled, and pest infested fiberglass insulation around your attic or crawl space, then contact the spray foam insulation experts at Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland. Depleted or no insulation means your home has no protection against outside air leaking in and treated air leaking out. 

At Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland, we offer reliable spray foam insulation that produces continuous coverage with a higher R-value, thoroughly protecting your home from energy leaks, high utility bills, and uncomfortable rooms.

Advantages of spray foam insulation:

  • Higher R-value per inch than other insulation -- R-6.2 and higher
  • Airtight & continuous coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Durable & stays in place

To learn more about our 1-part and 2-part spray foam insulation, call 1-833-483-5965 or contact us online in Rockville, MD today!

Attic insulation contractors 

An attic with no or faulty insulation will create an uncomfortable living environment throughout the entire home, with high utility costs, and wasted energy. Gaps within the attic's coverage mean outside air will seep inside and treated air will leak out, forcing your HVAC unit to work overtime just to regulate home temperatures.

At Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland, you will be met with attic insulation experts who will find reliable, long-lasting air sealing solutions that are sure to optimize your home's energy usage, create a comfortable living environment, and lower utility costs.

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Mold prevention
  • Attic air sealing
  • SuperAttic™ attic insulation
  • Spray foam attic insulation
  • And more!

Don't lose energy in the attic, call 1-833-483-5965 or click below to get in contact with the attic insulation and air sealing experts at Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland in Rockville, MD today!

Crawl space insulation & air sealing solutions

A poorly sealed crawl space will leave your home vulnerable to air leakage, affecting its overall comfort, energy efficiency, and utility costs. Once cold or hot crawl space air seeps into surrounding rooms, your HVAC unit needs to work harder to improve home temperatures. Also, if your heating or cooling equipment is stored in the basement, its performance will be significantly impacted.

Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland provides reliable air sealing crawl space insulation that produces long-lasting, continuous results.

Our crawl space insulation services include:

  • Rigid foam insulation panels 
  • Flexible crawl space floor insulation 
  • Crawl space air sealing
  • And more!

If your tired of your poorly insulated crawl space affecting your home's energy efficiency, utility costs, and comfort, then contact the experts at Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland in Rockville, MD today!

Get answers with a comprehensive home energy audit

If you suspect that your home may have energy problems but are uncertain about the source or nature of the issue, Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland offers an in-depth home energy audit to evaluate your home and pinpoint any problems. Our detailed evaluations include:

  • Air leak inspection
  • Thermal scanning
  • Insulation level check
  • Appliance and lighting checks

Our home energy experts will provide you with a thorough evaluation and walk you through the entire process, answering any questions you may have. Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland is known for our dependable, topnotch service, and will help you find the best solutions for all of your home energy needs as well as a clear plan of action for what to do next. It's always better to investigate symptoms of energy problems before they get worse, so don't wait to contact Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland and schedule your home energy audit in Rockville, [city_page:city_abbrev]!

Replacement doors and windows add value and beauty

Are you looking to install a new sliding glass door? Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland is here for all of your home remodeling needs with quality window and door replacements. Windows and doors play a valuable role in protecting your home from the outside elements and eliminating drafts, while also adding aesthetic appeal to your home's exterior and interior appearance. At Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland, we understand the need to balance function and durability with beauty and style. That's why we specialize in window and door materials that are not only sturdy and weather-resistant but aesthetically pleasing as well. We offer energy efficient products such as Low E Glass, vinyl, fiberglass, and more, and will help you find the perfect fit your home's unique appearance.

If you're looking to improve your home's energy efficiency through insulation or window and door replacement or are interested in scheduling a home energy audit in Rockville, MD, Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland is here for you. Call today for a free quote!

Work Requests From Rockville, MD
Vicinity of Bells Mill Ter in Rockville
I need to insulate a basement with closed cell foam insulation.
Vicinity of Feather Rock Drive in Rockville
Have difficulty keeping upstairs cool in summer
Vicinity of Valerian Ln in Rockville
Two issue: 1. I have a french door that is very drafty. This is due to poor sealing. 2. My basement is very drafty. I'm not sure where the issue is. I have a finished basement in a middle town house and the basement is above ground. I can feel cold air blowing when i access the circuit breaker/panel behind the wall.
Vicinity of Baltic Ave in Rockville
I would like a free estimate attic insulation
Vicinity of Ivymount Ter in Rockville
Interested in Air Leak Inspection
Vicinity of Heritage Fields Ave in Rockville
Need to insulate the water pipe in the garage ceiling.
Vicinity of Orchard Way South in Rockville
Need estimate on insulation.
Vicinity of Sherbrooke Way in Rockville
Looking for crawl space insulation with floor insulation and minor mold remediation
Vicinity of Marlin ST in Rockville
Purchased a house in January. The attic has enough blown fibreglass insulation to touch the tops of the ceiling joists. I'm interested in a quote to air seal and blow cellulose to R60. There are two 20x40ft attic areas with 21 degree pitched roof. There are several recessed lights, but they are IC rated. The previous owners also replaced the upstairs windows and we are interested in replacing the remaining. We would be interested in a quote if you have Okna 400 deluxe windows to match the already replaced windows. 8 double hung and 1 picture.
Vicinity of Lorraine Dr in Rockville
Cold rooms, drafts.
Vicinity of Mimosa Farm Ct. in Rockville
We have very high heating and air conditioning bills, even after replacing the unit in the basement and the attic. On warm days, the air conditioner upstairs can't keep up and runs all day and never gets to even relatively warm temps of 76 or 78 in the house. I believe this is due to a few factors: * Ceiling lights / cans leaking like crazy * We had an attic fan, but I don't think it's working any more * Poor air circulation in the attic I'm not an expert, but we have a problem that needs to get resolved. So would like an energy audit. Doing my own research, I believe can covers and some insulation might help. But I also believe the circulation in the attic is very poor for the size house.
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