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Professional home insulation services in Bethesda, MD

Are you paying too much on energy bills or living with improper heating and cooling? If the answer is yes, then it's time to upgrade your home's insulation with Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland's certified insulation services. Energy issues can manifest through cold floors, drafty rooms, or cracking walls and paint. If you've noticed any of these signs or are living in discomfort due to improper insulation, then Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland's services are for you. We will provide the best insulation for your attic, basement, crawl space, garage, or any other area to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Our premium insulation methods include:

  • Spray foam
  • Rigid foam
  • Air duct sealing
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Blown-in cellulose/fiberglass
  • And more!

Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland will make your home more comfortable by fixing any energy problems and providing the best insulation possible. We offer fast, efficient, and affordable insulation services that are guaranteed to increase your home's energy efficiency and help you save on energy costs. That's why Bethesda, MD homeowners choose us for all of their home insulation needs!

Air sealing spray foam insulation

If you still rely on outdated, moisture filled fiberglass insulation to seal your home, then you may be paying too much in utility costs and losing energy. The air sealing spray foam insulation from Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland expands to effectively fill gaps and cracks, providing an efficient insulating barrier that seals your home for added comfort, better energy efficiency, and lower HVAC costs.

Advantages of spray foam insulation:

  • Higher R-value per inch than other insulation -- R-6.2 and higher
  • Airtight & continuous coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Durable & stays in place

We offer both 1-part and 2-part spray foam insulation options. To see what works best for your home, contact the spray foam insulation experts in Bethesda, MD today!

Attic insulation contractors

Attic insulation and air sealing services may be just what your Bethesda, MD home needs to improve its overall comfort, energy efficiency, and utility costs. Since hot air rises, the air you pay to treat may be affected by your attic's poor ventilation, causing your energy bills to increase and your home's temperatures to be poorly regulated.

At Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland, we offer reliable attic insulation and air sealing services that keep outside air outside and treated air inside -- lowering your utility costs and keeping your home more comfortable overall.

Our attic insulation services include:

  • Mold prevention
  • Attic air sealing
  • SuperAttic™ attic insulation
  • Spray foam attic insulation
  • And more!

The insulation and air sealing specialists at Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland know just what your attic needs to maximize the overall energy efficiency and comfort of your home. So don't lose money in your underinsulated and poorly sealed attic, contact the experts!

Crawl space insulation solutions

Crawl spaces are vulnerable to outside air, so if this air leaks into surrounding rooms, the whole house will be affected. If hot or cold crawl space air seeps into the rest of the home, then this will influence its overall comfort, energy efficiency, and HVAC costs.

That is why the experts at Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland offer air sealing crawl space insulation, properly enclosing your crawl space from the rest of the home.

Our crawl space insulation services include:

  • Rigid foam insulation panels 
  • Flexible crawl space floor insulation 
  • Crawl space air sealing
  • And more!

Contact the crawl space insulation specialists who can expertly install the right products and deliver durable, long-lasting results!

We also offer comprehensive home energy audits

If you've been noticing signs of energy problems in your home but are uncertain of the source or solution to the problem, Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland will schedule a detailed home energy audit to assess the situation and answer all of your questions. Our evaluations include air leak inspection, appliance and lighting checks, and insulation checks, as well as thermal scanning. We will include you in every step of the process, and provide detailed explanations about your home's energy performance. It's always a good idea to get a professional opinion to help you find the best solutions to all of your home's energy issues, so don't hesitate to schedule your home energy audit with Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland today!

Quality window and door replacement for your Bethesda, MD home

Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland offers high-quality door replacements and window replacements when your home is in need of remodeling. Our specialized Low E Glass energy efficient products will help improve your home's energy performance while providing long-lasting protection from the outside elements. Our extensive selection of styles and materials also includes vinyl, steel, and fiberglass, guaranteed to insulate your home from drafts and stay durable and strong for years to come.

As a homeowner, you want your windows and doors to look good as well as function properly. At Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland, we understand the importance of balancing function with beauty and will help you find the perfect style for your home's specific look. All of our window and door replacements are aesthetically pleasing as well as sturdy, and will increase curb appeal while they help you save on energy costs. We also offer sliding glass doors and more!

Are you ready to upgrade your home's insulation, schedule an energy audit, or replace your windows and doors? Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland is your trusted company for all of your home improvement needs in Bethesda, MD. Call today for a free estimate!

Work Requests From Bethesda, MD
Vicinity of Irvington Avenue in Bethesda
We are interested in insulating our attic, but aren't sure of the best method. We'd like to finish the space eventually so prefer insulating the roof.
Vicinity of N Washington St in Bethesda
I'm interested in adding 8-10" of blown insulation on my attic space...approx 600-800 sqft
Vicinity of Loring Ct in Bethesda
Need blown in insulation for garage ceiling (between drywall and bedroom upstairs)
Vicinity of Broxburn Ct in Bethesda
Need more insulation for attic.
Vicinity of Millwood Rd in Bethesda
The cold weather has made it obvious I could use some help making my house more energy efficient. I suspect I need new windows but I'd like to hear about other areas to address, including a bedroom on top of the garage that is always colder than the rest of the house.
Vicinity of Carlynn Court in Bethesda
Would like to get opinion about and estimate for radiant insulation barrier for my attic and garage eaves. My house heats up like an oven in hot weather and my electric bill is very high. I also would like to get an opinion and estimate for additional attic insulation to insulate my home from the cold. Overall my gas bill is not that high, but I think my house could be more comfortable in the winter.
Vicinity of Lenox Road in Bethesda
I would like to receive an estimate to have my attic insulation increased.
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