Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland's recent work requests in Laurel, MD
Vicinity of McCahill Drive in Laurel
Need to upgrade attic insulation. Currently have approximately R-19
Vicinity of Carroll Ave in Laurel
My house has a vented crawlspace with a musty smell that gets into the house. I'd like to explore the cost of cleaning out the crawlspace and encapsulating it.
Vicinity of Cranberry South in Laurel
I have a lot of moisture in my crawl space. The floors above the crawl space stay very cold during winter.
Vicinity of Bond Mill Road in Laurel
Just had Edge Energy do a door blower test. Need pricing on main attic weatherization and basement weatherization. Need three exhaust fan vented outside the house.
Vicinity of Martins Grant Court in Laurel
Electric bill $1000/month
Vicinity of Paddock Pl in Laurel
I want an estimate to insulate my garage ceiling. The rooms above the garage are very cold in winter & hot in summer. I called a few minutes ago & left this same request for an estimate. Thanks. John
Vicinity of Hammond Branch Way in Laurel
I am inquiring about insulation services and a home energy audit. We did get new windows a couple of years ago. I believe if we can determine the most economical manner to determine where the best way to upgrade the insulation without high cost to us, that would be excellent.
Vicinity of Corunna CT in Laurel
I am very much impressed when I read the work you have been doing regarding home insulation on your webpage. I would like to made an energy audit on my home to see where the leaks are and based on the result to fix the leak. Please let us have a discussion on this.
Vicinity of Whiskey Bottom Road in Laurel
Insulate/encapsulate crawl space.
Vicinity of Farnhame Lane in Laurel
Attic insulation quotes, the Attic Dimensions is 25x65 Thanks
Vicinity of Niles Dr. in Laurel
I want to check on the costs of having our attic insulated with blown in cellulose. The outside wall dimensions are 43' by 28'. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cissel Ave. in Laurel
I am the owner of a remodeling company and need to have an addition attic insulated to R49 with blown cellulose insulation. I would like to talk with someone to get a quote and estimated work date.
Vicinity of Ebb Tide Lane in Laurel
Nothing major. Saw a gift certificate in the mail for a free energy audit.
Vicinity of South Bruce St. in Laurel
Ductwork leaking under mobile home. Causing moisture build up under floor. Had someone look under house, appears duct work is leaking, insulation falling down.

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