Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Central Maryland's recent work requests in Columbia, MD
Vicinity of Tamar Drive in Columbia
I want to insulate my crawl space. may need some wood repairs.
Vicinity of Hawkeye Run in Columbia
I just moved into a new house and the past few days that it has been under freezing my furnace has been running non-stop and does not appear to be able to heat the main level. I checked and I have cold air leaking in around some light fixtures and the access to the attic. I am hoping to get an estimate done to tell me all the places that cold air is coming in so I can get it fixed.
Vicinity of Clearsmoke Ct in Columbia
Crawlspace, attic and wall insulation
Vicinity of Kerry Hill Ct in Columbia
Want to insulate attic
Vicinity of Shell Flower Lane in Columbia
Losing heat through an attic pull-down stair that was installed by previous owner. Existing blown insulation was moved around to allow for attic storage. We will be removing the attic pull-down stair, opening up the existing 2'x2' access door, and we are looking for a quote to rake the existing insulation level again and add new insulation on top.
Vicinity of Bright Dawn Ct. in Columbia
Roughly 1000sf of attic space with existing uneven 4-8" insulation. Interested in an estimate to increase insulation to meet latest code (~18").
Vicinity of Transfer Row in Columbia
I am closing on a house this Friday 5/22 and need to get front door,side door, and sliding glass door replaced. I also have a few windows I need fixed / replaced. thank you
Vicinity of Goodin Circle in Columbia
I would like an estimate for attic insulation.
Vicinity of Cricket Pass in Columbia
Doors and windows are drafty, energy bill is high. Want to pinpoint all areas contributing and to understand my options.
Vicinity of Bridgehead Ct in Columbia
We have a cold/hot hallway. Would like to have an energy audit of the house as well as remediation for the hallway.
Vicinity of Red Stream Way in Columbia
I would like to add more insulation in my attic, the size of the attic is about 25'x40' or 1000 square feet, the current insulation is about 9"x 24" rolled and laid on the attic floor. Would like bring the R value greater than 50. I also have an attached two car garage The half front of the garage has two story high ceiling and the inside of the one of the wall (the other side of the wall is the out side of the garage) is not insulated. I recently installed new insulated garage doors.
Vicinity of Shadow Lane in Columbia
Our house has drafts and our heat bill is very high. We would like to identify drafts, and have insulation inspected. Contacted you previously n Angies List
Vicinity of Watercress Place in Columbia
I need insulation placed in the attic above my garage and a wall above the garage. Also I would like to add more blown in insulation in my attic above the rest of the house. Thanks Greg
Vicinity of Cedar Fern Ct in Columbia
Bedroom, bath and laundry room are very cold. Walls are cold to touch.
Vicinity of Clocktower Lane in Columbia
Cold on top floor despite new windows. Furnace does not seem hot enough.
Vicinity of in Columbia
Whole condo is a wind tunnel with exposed utility closet, ill-fitting front door, non-insulated walk-in closet and probably more. I need a comprehensive list of recommendations to turn my igloo into an energy efficient home.
Vicinity of Slender Sky in Columbia
I have a split foyer and I use the lower level a lot because I have an small in-home child care service. I don't feel that the room I use is warm enough. I wanted to look at foam insulation and chalking my windows. I would like a estimate for this service.
Vicinity of Weather Worn Way in Columbia
My neighbor referred me to you. I have a lot of cold drafts in my condo and was wondering what the possible solutions would be to perhaps insulate it better. I feel I am losing the heat I am putting into it with the heating system and would like to be warmer as we approach winter.
Vicinity of Bridlerein Terrace in Columbia
There seems to be a draft in the house.
Vicinity of Green Shoot Ct in Columbia
Window and dorr insulation.Cold draft and cold floors.
Vicinity of in Columbia
I would like the inside walls of my condo to reinforce the existing insulation.
Vicinity of Farewell Rd in Columbia
Crawl space is open to outside air- our house is cold and we are worried about pipes freezing.
Vicinity of Tolling Clock Way in Columbia
Estimate my attic to be insulated or check the present insulation to see if it needs to be done again.
Vicinity of Seedling Lane in Columbia
I'm looking an estimate to have my crawlspace, re-insulated/repaired/upgraded.
Vicinity of Brothers Partnership Court in Columbia
My heating bill increased to twice what it has been and keeps increasing. The house feels cooler. I want to increase the insulation in the attic and basement.
Vicinity of Pound Apple Ct in Columbia
I live in a Townhouse and we have a 5 x 5 foyer that is extremely cold which lets lots of cold air in the living room. I would like to know if there is something that could be done to insulate the area better.
Vicinity of Empty Song Road in Columbia
Attic insulation and leakage around doors
Vicinity of Ring Dove Lane in Columbia
Bill is outrageous, had meter checked and have all new windows and doors also I'm out the house half the month
Vicinity of Bright Passage in Columbia
My main concern is the shim space around the windows...some of my windows also can no longer be properly closed...we have a lot of windows and would like to accurately determine source of draftiness before doing major window replacement. We were part of a county energy audit program and spent a lot of money sealing attic, crawl spaces etc...and our home is still very inefficient.
Vicinity of Lakewater Lane in Columbia
Would like to get a price quote on air sealing the attic ceiling.
Vicinity of Cricket Pass in Columbia
Energy bills seem relatively high, and floors in house heat/cool very unevenly. Attic insulation seems possibly inadequate. Interested in an assessment to understand most cost-effective options. Fridays are typically easy days to schedule, but other times possible.
Vicinity of Freedom Ct. in Columbia
Inquiring about free home energy audit/estimate
Vicinity of Bright Passage in Columbia
Base,ment crawl spaces need to be closed up, properly insulated, new vapor barriers added...
Vicinity of Wooded Way in Columbia
I am interested in a home energy audit. Specific interest is to identify potential sources of air leakage and to then repair.
Vicinity of Brass Knob in Columbia
Attic insulation. Plug in holes to eliminate raccoon entry.

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