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Vicinity of Bay Ridge Ave in Annapolis
Renovating a 1920 Craftsman with no insulation anywhere. I would like an estimate on insulating the walls and roof between the rafters.
Vicinity of Schley Rd. in Annapolis
I have 3 areas of concern, 2 attic spaces, and 1 crawl space. The attic spaces are very poorly insulated, and the crawl space is poorly insulated and appears to have mold or other microbial growth. I am interested in mitigating 1, 2, or all three depending on cost.
Vicinity of Giddings Ave in Annapolis
Looking for estimate on seal & insulate a crawl space under master bedroom. Dimensions : Length : 210 inches Width : 229 inches Height : 28 inches
Vicinity of Moyer Ct in Annapolis
Dan Hope visited us last year and provided a quote. Unfortunately we were not able to proceed with our project at the time. We would like for another visit and quote and discuss any updated options, products, methods, etc.
Vicinity of Williams Dr in Annapolis
Recently purchased a home in Annapolis built in 1957. Would like baseline audit for home improvement planning purposes.
Vicinity of Bay Ridge Ave in Annapolis
We have an attic and it is poorly insulated. Also, we have a hole in our roof line that leads into the attic.
Vicinity of Point No Point Drive in Annapolis
We are concerned that our house is not energy efficient. We would like our 2 heat pumps assessed, in addition to recommendations throughout the house.
Vicinity of Chrisland Dr in Annapolis
We don't even know where to start. We need an energy audit. We feel drafts. Thanks, Jeff
Vicinity of Baltimore Annapolis Blvd in Annapolis
We'd like to see what you all think would help our home to help lower our electricity usage. It was built in 1986. Thanks!
Vicinity of Edgemere Drive in Annapolis
I need to insulate my crawl space and looking for a company that work's with BGE's smart energy credit saver program. In addition, I project they will extend the tax credit in 2015 so I will need the materials and labor separated on the final invoice.
Vicinity of Gateway Drive in Annapolis
We are looking to have our attic insulated. The current insulation up there is not sufficient. We currently have fiberglass insulation.
Vicinity of Lido Dr in Annapolis
Attic Insulation Levels
Vicinity of Windwhisper Ln in Annapolis
We've had a couple birds try to build nests in our siding and when repairing the holes have noticed that the insulation appears to be very degraded/absent.
Vicinity of Broadview Dr. in Annapolis
Free home energy evaluation
Vicinity of Yawl Ct in Annapolis
Cold rooms, drafts
Vicinity of Ridgewood St. in Annapolis
(email contact highly preferred). This is our first winter in this renovated home. The kitchen (with MBR on top of it) was new construction and built over a small crawl space behind pre-existing basement. Floors are always cold. The crawl space has a large opening to the outside, so that is an obvious culprit, but I think a more agressive fix than just adding door is called for. There is (insulated) ductwork but no mechanical systems in the crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of Duke Of Gloucester St in Annapolis
We own an older house and the windows create a pretty bad cold air draft
Vicinity of Hilltop Dr in Annapolis
Interested in a quote for re-insulating our attic. Had a small house fire with smoke damage. All attic insulation has been removed. Would like to re-insulate ASAP but need to provide insurance company with quote. Please contact 410.353.7175. Thank you.
Vicinity of N Forest Trail in Annapolis
Blown insulation in the attic
Vicinity of S. Cherry Grove Ave in Annapolis
1940 Cape with dormer attic storage on second floor on each side of house(bedrooms in the middle). Poor/old or no insulation in places. Need solutions and an estimate.
Vicinity of Amberwood Drive South in Annapolis
Would like a quote on insulation of existing interior walls, primary for soundproofing. Need to reduce noise from running water in pipes in the walls.
Vicinity of Whitehall Beach Rd in Annapolis
Older house Just had re roofed Want to reinsulate attic/ crawl spaces in best way
Vicinity of Magnolia Ave in Annapolis
Crawl space insulation-very tight. Would like estimate.
Vicinity of Kingsberry Dr in Annapolis
Need to have insulation removed in crawl space and install new insulation.
Vicinity of Lindamoor Dr in Annapolis
We got an energy audit already but don't want to use that contractor as he was VERY SLOW in responding. If you give me a direct email ID I can forward the report. We would like a quote for attic and wall insulation. We prefer contact by email. We can support a site visit anytime this week except Monday.
Vicinity of Gingerview Ln in Annapolis
The second level is cold this winter. This is our first winter in the house. Some neighbors have added an additional air conditioner / heat pump. Others in our community have had their home serviced by Dr Energy Saver and have been happy with the results. I am hoping to avoid adding an additional air conditioner / heat pump. We have a three level townhouse and all levels are used.
Vicinity of Coybay Dr. in Annapolis
Our home seems to be leaking warm air all winter. It is drafty and we just can't seem to get warm without using a space heater.
Vicinity of Pleasant Plains Rd in Annapolis
Crawlspace under master bedroom...concerned about mold, moisture in that area impacting the living space above
Vicinity of Burnside Street in Annapolis
Hi, I would like to talk about insulation for our attic, floor above the carport and other areas.Eco friendly options are important for us. Please call as soon as possible for a free estimate.
Vicinity of Moss Haven Court in Annapolis
Rooms loosing heat.
Vicinity of Keswick Place in Annapolis
We want to improve the insulation of our house through a prioritized manner-including garage and attic.
Vicinity of Summit Dr in Annapolis
I have a 832 sq ft home built in 1954. My attic has 6 inches of old blown insulation, with a tongue and grove floor above it. I am considering a hot roof, and would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Rogers Road in Annapolis
Would like to meet to discuss energy audit.
Vicinity of Glen Cove in Annapolis
The attic has minimal insulation. I would like to see a proposal to add insulation in the attic. Thanks
Vicinity of Kensington Way in Annapolis
Looking at ways to reduce heating/cooling costs. Have been looking at different HVAC solutions to replace current baseboard heat. Want to ensure we are making the most cost-effective changes to home. Would like to get a comprehensive home performance audit to help us.
Vicinity of Market Street in Annapolis
Already had an audit from a company that is failing to follow-up. I need insulationn in my historic Annapolis home, but it would need to be installed from the inside.
Vicinity of Decatur Ave. in Annapolis
Interested in obtaining quote for dense packing floor of room over garage
Vicinity of Summer Village Dr in Annapolis
Interested in a free estimate
Vicinity of Ridge Road in Annapolis
Poor attic duct work. Would like opinion to improve efficiency
Vicinity of Gingerview Lane in Annapolis
Recently bought townhouse unit in Riva Trace. This is first summer. 3rd floor is extremely hot - and smells of "attic". The AC is undersized but that is not the major problem. Suspect failure of insulation at some point and absence of vapor barrier. Need help to diagnose problem and come up with solution.
Vicinity of Severn Drive in Annapolis
Want to replace old insulation in attic.

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