Customer Testimonial from Bob G. in Annapolis, MD

The provider, Dr.Energy Saver, Dan Hope, arrived early in the morning and finished about mid to late afternoon. Unlike so many insulators he didn't just blow insulation in the attic and leave after 2 hours. He went through the whole house (2 stories) and garage and put up barriers that were needed in both the attic and garage as as well as new insulation. He looked for leaks throughout the whole house not just the attic and closed the leaks, e.g., washer, dryer room. He went on the roof and put in a vent so that warm air from one of our bathrooms would go outside the house. He explained the entire process and what materials would be used and why. I should mention that prior to providing the service Dan used the latest technology, including infrared, to determine where the leaks were in the house and and how effective the air flow was. This was explained clearly so that you knew what was happening. After the insulation was completed he redid all the scientific testing to make sure the leakage in the house was stopped. It was. The $2,000 rebate was a big selling point which brought the cost from $5,000 to $3,000. It was worth every penny.I cannot praise Dan Hope highly enough for his friendliness and professionalism. After a few days he called and asked if everything was ok. I said it was and I am very happy with everything. He said to call him if there was anything else or if I had any other questions. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan Hope, Dr. Energy Saver, for anyone who wants to insulate their house.

- Bob G. of Annapolis, MD
Tuesday, October 15th
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