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"This is to let you know i was very impressed with how hard your guys worked and how impressive all they were as people. They did a great job today. Thanks!" -J.M. Robi Hutchinson
John H. of Chevy Chase, MD
Friday, March 24th
If I could give Dan an A+++++, I would. He was professional, trustworthy, punctual, knowledgeable, and fair. He came by to give me an estimate, presented the information, and did not pressure me at all, which I appreciated. A few days later we agreed on a total and he was here to do the work the same week. On the day of the work he called to let me know he was going to be about 10 minutes late because of traffic, which was nice of him to do. He kept me informed of things he saw in the attic as he went along. We have seven can lights in one room which he thought he would be able to access. Once he got to them from the attic side, he realized he could not seal them as promised so he went to Home Depot and purchased LED lights to take care of the problem from the inside of the house. He charged me only half of what it cost to purchase them and nothing for the labor, which I agreed to. It was a wonderful experience and I'd recommend Dan, and use his services again myself.  UPDATE 10-2-2013  The stinkbugs are starting to get bad again, but instead of having dozens in the house every day, we are only seeing them on the outside of the window screens. Before they were coming in the house through the attic and recessed lights, but since Dan and his team sealed our attic, it's been a huge improvement. So far, we are extremely happy and the lack of stink bugs in the house is definite proof that the job was done right.  Thanks, Dan!
Kristina and Lance R. of Clarksville, MD
Tuesday, October 15th
Dan indicated I would see savings in my electric bill and I did. Little did he or I know that we would experience one of the worst winters in recent MD history, shortly after the work! I saved about $100/month on my electric bill! 
Edward R. of Columbia, MD
I just want to say I have just had the BEST EVER CONTRACTOR service from your team who just left my home. They fixed the problem I was having quickly, professionally, and neatly and did an INCREDIBLE and SUPER AMZAING job to fix my issue. I have never been so overjoyed to see that they were able to quickly spot the problem, remedy it, and make it right. AMAZING and WONDERFUL service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jan K. of Columbia, MD
Wednesday, September 9th
Thank you so much for making our home more comfortable!  We appreciate your attention to detail and your patience with our questions.
Julia V. of Columbia, MD
Thursday, December 3rd
  We had insulation work performed by Dan and his crew from Dr. Energy Saver on two houses. They installed radiant barrier foil and cellulose insulation to the attic of one, and added cellulose and built a floor storage platform in the attic of the other. It was a very positive experience; they were very attentive to our requests and helpful in recommendations. It took a little longer than expected to perform, but the work provided was excellent and the amount of insulation they blew in was better than the R-value we had discussed. Overall they did a great job and had very competitive pricing. I couldn't be happier with the results.
Bob C. of Ellicott City, MD
Dan, I hope you and the family are doing well and the business is booming. Just wanted to let you know we expected the improvement in the winter from your work and it was a very positive improvement. But we also are seeing a much cooler house (especially the downstairs) this summer. Best wishes,Ed Y.
Ed Y. of Ellicott City , MD
Tuesday, July 8th
Wanted to share with you and relay kudos of the work you and team did in crawl space. In our continued quest to resolve the ongoing overwhelming animal stench keeping us from fully moving in and preventing a good night’s rest without odor disturbances, multiple vendors who have assessed the area offering different services first see the crawl space and marvel of the quality and workmanship you performed. In event you have expanded your services to include sanitizing and disinfecting to remove cat penetrating odors in walls, floors, doors, ceilings, or replacing drywall, please specify. Otherwise, we’ll continue to seek a vendor who can remove the ongoing problem. House has grown to become a true fixer upper.
Tuesday, January 15th
I have half basement crawl space with cement floor under sunken family room. The original paper face installed insulation in the floor rafters (ceiling of crawl space) was falling down. Rather than the paper side being against the bottom of the floor there was air gap. Dan, owner of Dr Energy came over and presented options. A). To foam seal the floor rafters or B). Foam board 4" insulation/composite material with some huge R factor and seal the sill plates making the crawl space a conditioned area. The difference on the options was minimal. They scheduled the work the next week. Two direct employees came with Dan. He got them started and returned near the end of the 7 hr or so job. They did extra sealing around HVAC vents and a few other air gaps (foundation to the garage). The major part of the basement is a finished Rec Room. The difference in retaining the heat downstairs and above is amazing. I went around to make sure additional vents were not open. His crew bagged and removed the old insulation in the crawl space and carried sealed bags out of the house. Quality of the installation looks very good. I had Dan check on dome other challenges like Master Bath over un-heated garage. Due to potential future business he knocked some buck off the final invoice. Initial time to respond and quote = Excellent, professionalism and concern for property = Excellent, Job Quality = Excellent, Price = competitive and get what you pay for. Several other companies did not even respond although contacted via their preferred method.
Bruce D. of Severn, MD
"I didnt realize the extent of the work you needed to do in the basement. I am extremely grateful of the care your guys took and the pride you have in your work. My wife and I are already noticing a big improvement and are no longer noticing the dramatic temperature differences as we go from room to room. The previous owner built out the basement and, to be honest, I haven't spent much time above the drop ceiling. I apologize for your having come across a poorly installed pipe, thank you for going above and beyond to repair it. Since this was outside the scope of the work. You and your guys have been fantastic and the lease i can do to show my appreciation is to leave a very positive review. Thank you!" -Ryan
Ryan D. of Crofton, MD
Friday, March 24th
Arrived on time even with the threat of snow and completed the project in a timely manor
Richard W. of Glen Burnie, MD
Thursday, October 16th
"Although we had some glitches along the way, we are very satisfied with the work your company has provided for our family. What a tremendous difference it has made. We are thankful for your understanding of our needs, and grateful for the compensation you made possible. Should we need similar services in the future, we will definitely call upon your company (and also refer others to you). Thank you very much!! we appreciate all of your efforts and are satisfied customers" -The Stanford Family
Gary S. of Baltimore, MD
Friday, March 24th
Awesome is the word to describe this service. Arrived on time, very pleasant, showed care to my home with their equipment. They took the time to make sure the work was done properly and ensured that all crevices was insulated. Highly recommend this company
Carla J. of Annapolis, , MD
Thursday, October 16th
Actually they put more insulation in my attic and insulated all my recessed lighting. I can already tell a difference in how toasty the house feels and the heat has run very little. Professional and polite, punctual also
Elice S. of Annapolis, MD
Thursday, October 16th
The provider, Dr.Energy Saver, Dan Hope, arrived early in the morning and finished about mid to late afternoon. Unlike so many insulators he didn't just blow insulation in the attic and leave after 2 hours. He went through the whole house (2 stories) and garage and put up barriers that were needed in both the attic and garage as as well as new insulation. He looked for leaks throughout the whole house not just the attic and closed the leaks, e.g., washer, dryer room. He went on the roof and put in a vent so that warm air from one of our bathrooms would go outside the house. He explained the entire process and what materials would be used and why. I should mention that prior to providing the service Dan used the latest technology, including infrared, to determine where the leaks were in the house and and how effective the air flow was. This was explained clearly so that you knew what was happening. After the insulation was completed he redid all the scientific testing to make sure the leakage in the house was stopped. It was. The $2,000 rebate was a big selling point which brought the cost from $5,000 to $3,000. It was worth every penny.I cannot praise Dan Hope highly enough for his friendliness and professionalism. After a few days he called and asked if everything was ok. I said it was and I am very happy with everything. He said to call him if there was anything else or if I had any other questions. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan Hope, Dr. Energy Saver, for anyone who wants to insulate their house.
Bob G. of Annapolis, MD
Tuesday, October 15th
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