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Air sealing in Odenton, MD:  This customer was having issues with air leaking through their ceiling which resulted in causing their rooms to be abnormally hot. The customer was having leakage through the ceiling and around lights on their ceiling. Many customers with new homes will believe they do not need air sealing completed in their homes but that is not true. New home owners do have updated insulation in their homes but most insulation is not enough to prevent air leakage from happening around the light fixture. Air sealing helps access all points in attic that allows any air leakage which will include; penetrations for pipes, wires, chases, vents, chimneys and top plates.  Air sealing is very critical to a person’s energy saving determination and will extremely impact their utility bills. Due to air sealing can prevent a huge discomfort in the house, moisture problems, and can even cause deprived air value.

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