Dimmable L.E.D. lights!

Monday, June 24th, 2013 by Kathryn Hope


Three of our favorite factsDimmable LED lights - Image 1 about dimmable L.E.D. lights.

-They come in an air sealed can.

-Installation only takes minutes.  

-Each light only uses 10 Watts! 

With our latest job in Annapolis we changed out 34 recessed lights. Thats 3400 Watts down to only 340!Remember a 100 watt bulb on for 10 hours is a KiloWatt Hour or $0.16. This family's cost went from $5.44 per day to $0.83 per day! Over a year...$2000 to $300! They look great, and because they are air sealed there are no longer 34 holes in an otherwise tight thermal barrier.


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